Meet Therese

Welcome to my Soulful Sacred Space!!  

I AM Therese – Soulful Living Curator…

Manifestation Coach | Soulful Living Curatorme
Interior Decorator | Feng Shui Consultant Organizer | Foodie | Speaker 

Award Winning Visionary & Freedom Leader, Influencer, Brand Ambassador,  Connector,  Metaphysician, Healer, Holistic Health Practitioner,  Aromatherapist,  Artist,  Curator and Passionate about Soulful Living!

Living Your Imagination is the
key to Soulful Living!

Soulful Living defined:
The Art and Science of Designing Your Life, Work, and Environment that Feels So Good, It Feeds Your Soul!

Bohemian Lifestyle Brand:  Eclectic – Bold – Upcycle

Let’s Connect Soul to Soul…
I love to Travel, love wearing Unique Handcrafted Clothes/Shoes, Eat Delicious Food, go Thrift Shopping, engage in Meaningful Conversations and express my creativity through Art Journaling and Interior Decorating!!  I have a passion for Creating Sacred Environments your Soul will not want to leave! ! I experience something magical in the energy of Vintage and Styles of the past my Soul loves those experiences.  Food is my connection to experiences of Flavor, Good Conversations and Meaningful Connections. Most importantly I want to help you manifest your desired life, work, and environments!

“The Inner must Awaken in order to Experience the True Essence of the Outer”
Therese Prentice